Here’s a question – what do the vast majority of store-bought Christmas gifts have in common?

The answer – they’re all mass-produced and generic.

On one hand, all Christmas gifts communicate some kind of message and a certain amount of sentiment.  But at the same time, simply picking up a random product and passing it on to someone else doesn’t take a huge amount of thought.

So what’s the secret behind Christmas gifts with genuine meaning?

Put simply – it’s all about the personal touch.

Gifts with Real Meaning

Christmas Gifts with Meaning, by Jessie Vandenberg

For the past 35 years, renowned Midwest artist Jessie Vandenberg has been creating nothing but the most beautiful, 100% unique and fully-personalized Christmas ornaments for customers across the country.  Focusing more on Christmas spirit and sentiment than mass production, Jessie personally creates each and every ornament she produces by hand.

Her snowy homes and landscapes really do encapsulate the magic of the festive season and what it means to give gifts that mean so much more.  Far from simple tokens of appreciation, Jessie’s ornaments have become instant and priceless heirlooms for thousands of families across the United States

All she needs is a photograph of your home or the scene of your choosing, in order to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas treasure.

Treasured Memories

Jessie has always believed that Christmas should be a time of making memories and treasuring times together, rather than habitually giving overpriced and generic gifts we don’t really need.

Every ornament produced by Jessie is as unique and special as its recipient – a hand-crafted work of art to hold onto for a lifetime.

“I like to reproduce the homes of families because each one is precious to that family,” says Jessie.

“The idea that I have in my mind as I paint each home is that it is Christmas Eve. The family is together inside, the fireplace is sending a glow through the windows, and heavy snow is creating a ‘wonderland’ outside. They are snowbound! Unless they live in California!”

To learn more about Jessie’s work or for more information on how to order one of her stunning personalized Christmas ornaments, head over to