Sony's New Xperia L1: Solid Performance, Nothing to Write Home AboutWhen Sony first announced the Xperia L1, it didn’t exactly create much of a stir.  But then again, it’s not as if mid-entry-level Smartphones ever do these days.  With a retail price of no more than about $200 – or £150 – with no contractual obligations, it’s one of the cheapest devices to carry the Xperia branding for some time.

The question being – is it worth sacrificing hardware prowess for the sake of saving money?

To be honest, the most immediate word that comes to mind when toying with the Xperia L1 is ‘solid’.  Solid looks, solid performance and solid value for money.  Boasting a sizeable 720p display, a quad-core processor and 13-megapixel primary camera, it certainly has a few good things going for it. 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage wrap up the package, though the Xperia L1 does supports MicroSD cards up to 256GB.

Unfortunately, the dual-SIM option never made it to UK shores, which is a bit of a shame. All versions of the device come with Android N out of the box and feature both NFC connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2. Qnovo Adaptive Charging keeps tabs on battery health long-term, while the 2,620mAh battery is more than big enough for a device of this calibre.

Which covers the details for the most part, but doesn’t answer the question – should you buy the Sony Xperia L1? In truth, the answer is a highly non-committal…maybe.

When put to the test, nothing about the Xperia L1 comes across as particularly mind-blowing.  Then again, it also doesn’t totally disappoint for such a low price.  Still, when there are alternatives like the Moto G5 up for grabs for a similar price, you do find the Xperia L1’s sparkle being dulled a little.

A solid enough entry for the price, but perhaps nothing particularly outstanding to write home about.