Popularity of 'Harvey' Set to Plummet After Deadly HurricaneIf recent history is anything to go by, the United States is about to experience a distinct decline in the number of babies being named Harvey.  Despite having been a hugely popular baby name over the past few years, those already named Harvey may be bucking a trend.

Across the US, baby names that were once hugely popular such as Andrew, sandy and Katrina quickly fell out of favor with the general public, in the wake of the storms and hurricanes that shared these names.  According to the Social Security Administration, giving new babies the names of natural disasters associated with death and destruction isn’t a popular trend in North America.

While it’s too soon to know if the name Harvey will follow the same pattern, experts believe we’ll see an immediate plummet in the number of new babies being called Harvey.  One that could last several years.  Official figures show the that Harvey had been gaining popularity as a baby name for quite some time, peaking in 2016 when the greatest ever number of babies being names Harvey was recorded.

As for Katrina, it was all the way back in 1982 that the name proved to be most popular.  Nevertheless, as recently as the year 2005, more than 1,300 baby girls were given the name Katrina annually in the United States.  As predicted, the popularity of the name plummeted the year hurricane Katrina hit – falling further to just 190 last year.

It was also the same with Sandy, which enjoyed a long run as a popular name for babies in the United States, only to fall to an all-time low of just 86 babies in 2016.

On the plus side, these kinds of negative connotations don’t seem to last forever.  Andrew, for example, plummeted in popularity after the major hurricane of 1992, but then once again climbed to a new record-high a decade later in 2003.

Exactly what’s in store for Harvey over the coming years, therefore, remains to be seen.