Tech and media giants are coming together for the ‘Day of Action’ protests today and will greet their visitors with a special message about the future of the Internet and to appeal to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not to repeal the Net Neutrality rules.

Internet activists, such as the Internet Association and the Fight for the Future, argue that repealing the FCC’s net neutrality rules would give Internet service providers (ISPs) too much power to determine what consumers can and can’t see online, and for what price.

At the core of the dispute are a set of federal regulations that state that Internet providers should not slow down, block or charge websites extra fees while treating other sites differently. The FCC is currently weighing how to repeal those so-called “net neutrality” rules, in a move that’s expected to benefit Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T.

Google, Facebook, Reddit, Airbnb, Spotify and many other organizations are opposing the FCC’s proposed actions.

The “Day of Action”

Each of the major sites participating in the global protest will show messages to their visitors and as none of the messages have been standardized, it’s up to each site to decide how far to go – and virtually all of them are mum about what they intend to do – but the participating businesses are expected either to write messages to visitors, or change the look of their homepages or user interfaces, in ways that make it impossible to browse those sites without learning about the issue of net neutrality.

Some may post graphics like these that seek to simulate the experience of a “slower” Internet. Reddit, for example, will be altering its logo and displaying a message from chief executive Steve Huffman to visitors at the top of its homepage, according to a forthcoming company blog post obtained by The Washington Post.

PornHub Comes Up With a Novel Way of Supporting Net Neutrality “Net neutrality ensures that the free market – not big cable – picks the winners and losers,” wrote the site’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. “We’ve been here before, and this time we’re facing even worse odds.”

What is net neutrality

Net neutrality is a principle about fairness on the Internet. It holds that no ISP should be able to unfairly manipulate your Internet usage or your experience of the Web, particularly in ways that harm other businesses.

Proponents of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, which were passed in 2015, say strong regulations are necessary to prevent ISPs from artificially directing customers to sites and applications they control or with whom they share special business relationships.

Opponents say the rules are overly burdensome and that softening the rules would help them upgrade their networks.

The rules also ban Internet providers from extracting payments from websites as a condition of having their content delivered to consumers’ screens. The rules apply equally to wired and wireless providers, and also allow the FCC to investigate carrier practices that it deems are a potential threat to competition.

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